What Is Your Role in the Long Game?

I find the Social Change Ecosystem framework by Deepa Iyer to be very helpful. You can engage it in the images below.

For a long time in movement work, I kept putting myself in the roles I thought I should be in — with an extremely narrow of view of what roles were needed/necessary. These roles didn’t jive with my body or my skillsets, so my continual effort to put myself there not only flattened me but also canceled my ability to be and do the roles I was skilled and called to do.

What I’m saying is this —

Support all of these roles. They’re all needed. And sometimes, yes, we need to share the load of the most challenging ones. But we can hunker down in the primary one where we best fit, and be all-in there.

You can do movement work *as you.*

We partner our skills, talents, and roles so that they build something bigger than any one of us alone.

Also, I’m a few of these things, but primarily, a Caregiver and a Weaver. How about you?

Text: “What is your role within #TheLongGame?”
Text: Builder – “I develop, organize, and implement ideas, practices, people, and resources in service of a collective vision.” – Deepa Iyer
Text: Caregiver — “I nurture and nourish the people around me by creating and sustaining a community of care, joy, and connection.” -Deepa Iyer
Text: Disrupter — “I take uncomfortable and risky actions to shake up the status quo, to raise awareness, and to build power.” – Deepa Iyer
Text: Experimenter — “I innovate, pioneer, and invent. I take risks and course-correct as needed.” –Deepa Iyer
Text: Frontline Responder — “I address community crises by marshaling and organizing resources, networks, and messages.” – Deepa Iyer
Text: Guide — “I teach, counsel, and advise, using my gifts of well-earned discernment and wisdom.” -Deepa Iyer
Text: Healer — “I recognize and tend to the generational and current traumas caused by oppressive systems, institutions, policies and practices.” -Deepa Iyer
Text: Storyteller — “I craft and share our community stories, cultures, experiences, histories, and possibilities through art, music, media, and movement.” -Deepa Iyer
Text: Visionary — “I imagine and generate our boldest possibilities, hopes, and dreams, and remind us of our direction.” -Deepa Iyer
Text: Weaver — “I see the through-lines of connectivity between people, places, organizations, ideas, and movements.” -Deepa Iyer
Text: “All roles work together to fuel momentum of our Social Change Ecosystem. Every role is necessary. “

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