Our Ableist White House

White House Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Image Description: The White House

If the leaders in the White House weren’t so ableist in their beliefs that masks make a person look sick, and therefore, “weak,” “bad,” “shameful,” and “to be ridiculed,” we might not be in this cascading mess of a contagion.

I hope for everyone involved and wish for recovery and wellness. I am dismayed and angry that leaders are needlessly exposing people to this virus, especially when they have immediate, high level access to experts and best practices to protect public health. There are a lot of people whose names are not going end up in the news cycle, but whose lives are going to be impacted and disrupted by this spread.

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “Our Ableist White House

  1. As I heard on TV last night, the President has access to the very best healthcare at no cost to him. The rest of us have what we can afford, if we have any at all. Why wouldn’t we try to do all we can to stay covid-free?


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