Image Description: A sidewalk with orange leaves on either side.

Yesterday, I filled up my car with gas for the first time since early March.

I am, of course, disheartened and sad about so many impacts of this pandemic. I wish it weren’t happening. I’m angry that it’s being mishandled. I look forward to it shifting. But in the midst of it, there is one piece I have appreciated for this window of time in my life. I’ve had more simplicity.

Don’t hear me wrong: Life is plenty complex, and my schedule is often full. But my daily rhythms mostly involve my house, my neighborhood, and places I walk.

It won’t be this sweeping forever. But I’ve embraced this part. For this period of time, I like this aspect of simplicity. In the midst of what I wouldn’t choose, I do choose this.

Renee Roederer

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