Curiosity and Delight

Image Description: The Huron River with leaves of various colors along both sides.
Photo, Renee Roederer

For the last week, bit by bit, I’ve been walking the Border to Border Trail — otherwise known as the B2B — throughout my county. From start to finish, it’s 70 miles long, so I suspect I’ll be walking it for a good while!

Most of it follows the Huron River. I’ve enjoyed this new endeavor throughly. Right in the peak of autumn colors in Michigan, I’ve captured many beautiful images and shared them on social media.

When you slow yourself to a walking pace, as opposed to driving through town quickly, you notice many details you would otherwise miss. But my favorite experience has involved finding entire stretches of my county I didn’t know existed. When I’ve discovered them along the way, I’ve felt so much delight.

Image Description: A dirt and gravel pathway in Frog Island Park in Ypsilanti, MI. There is grass to the right and trees on the left with yellow, red, orange, and green leaves.
Photo, Renee Roederer.

I’ve found three, totally-unknown-to-me stretches of nature in my county. I suspect I’ll discover many more.

Image Description: Pine cones piled together.
Photo, Renee Roederer.

In the midst of this, I’ve also felt so much curiosity. I’m deeply in the moment, eager to explore these new settings.

Image Description: A close up of red leaves and branches.

And I wonder…

… how might I apply the same level of presence, curiosity, and exploration to my daily routines and work?

… how might I explore new experiences inside buildings and with people after this pandemic eases?

Renee Roederer

Image Description: A tree with bright, yellow leaves and a blue sky above.
Photo, Renee Roederer.

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