Attentive and Attuned

My brown, fur ball doggy friend. He’s a Golden Doodle, and he’s curled in a ball on my lap.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of doggy-sitting for a good friend of mine. This pup is truly one of the sweetest dogs I know. He is cuddly, kind-tempered, and playful. I really enjoyed having him here. He loved to play chase inside the house and in the snow; most of all, he loved moving himself right over to my lap so he could curl himself up in a little fur ball.

I grew up with a dog, but I haven’t had one in adulthood. My pup friend was nice addition for a few days. One of the things I noticed is how much he notices. He followed me around everywhere from room to room. He was deeply attuned to what I was doing, nearly at all times.

He was just totally attentive. Maybe he’d doze off, but as soon as I moved a leg on the couch, he was curious to pay attention to me again.

It makes me wonder, to what and to whom am I attuned?

Renee Roederer

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