That Glorious Crescendo

The words, “Time for Change,” written in chalk on a blackboard. Public domain.

I have always loved that huge, prolonged, build-up crescendo in the Mumford & Sons song, “Lover of the Light.”

It starts at 3:44 and builds for a whole minute until 4:43.

I hear a bit of a metaphor in this music — a musical parable, if you will.

Intriguingly, the crescendo starts after these words:

“You may not trust the promises of the change I’ll show.
But I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.”

Then we’re off.

We hear a motive.
And it repeats.
And it repeats.
And it repeats.
And it repeats.

It keeps repeating the entire time. It keeps on sounding.

And soon, other themes and chords emerge. They begin to accompany it. Then they grow and become progressively stronger. The initial theme remains, but it is no longer the sole focus. Our attention is now drawn to the collective whole.


Over the years, I’ve shared a Howard Thurman quote with many people: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Of course, I do believe we should ask what the world needs. But I also think that our aliveness — our dreams, our connections, and the callings which fuel us — can be some of the best gifts we offer our neighbors. They are ripe for collective change.

So whatever it is. . .
that dream,
that hope,
that longing,
that resource,
that gift,
that ability which comes so easily that you forget it’s special,

Keep doing it.

Put it out into the world and double down on it. Because it may come along and accompany someone else’s gift. And other people may come along and begin to accompany yours.

There may be obstacles (there probably will be) but that is how the best, life-giving change is made.

So bring it into the light.

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