Image result for flower in crack public domain
A yellow flower growing in the crack of some pavement. Public domain image.

I keep having this strange, surreal experience. I keep encountering pictures with people from one year ago.

I often use the app Timehop to see what I was doing on this date throughout the years. Timehop syncs with social media pages and your camera roll to show you memories you made from various years. As I’ve been viewing this lately, I’ve had this sensation every time I see myself or loved ones in February 2020. We have no idea what is coming.

We really didn’t. How could we? Who could have foreseen a global pandemic and being separated from one another for more than a year?

When I see these photos, I feel a twinge of sadness as I miss what we shared together. I also feel myself hoping-forward because I want this again. I want these particular connections again. I want in-person, physical connection as a daily sphere of living.

These photos feel surreal and sad, but they also feel hopeful. I’m ready for this again.

Renee Roederer

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