sorrowful mystery
This painting is entitled, ‘Crocifissione” by Gerardo Dottori and is in the Vatican Museum.


We remember Good Friday.
We remember George Floyd.

We remember and
make present
all crucifixions ancient and modern,
Each real
Each now
in community,
in memory,
in body.

This week,

The 17 year old witness who captured the video
says she lies awake, wondering if she did enough.

This week,

The 19 year old store clerk who reported the counterfeit 20-dollar bill
says he reconsiders constantly, wondering if he should have let his pay get docked.

This week,

The 61 year old bystander who showed up on the scene
says he understands what it feels like to miss a Mama, wondering if tears matter.

Yet none of these placed their knee on his neck.


The loss is present.
The love is present.

Memory, swirling.
Pain and
Sacred worth.

We remember Good Friday.
We remember George Floyd.

Renee Roederer

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