Smuggling Grace

Grace. It is with us and among us.
Grace. It is love, gift, worth, and favor for us.
Grace. It is above us, behind us, and around us.
Grace. It is right here alongside us.

Grace. It precedes us.
Grace. It surpasses us.
Grace. It is apart from us,
God’s Good Gift.

Yet remarkably,
This Grace —
This with,
This among,
This above,
This behind,
This around,
This Grace,
This Very Grace!
God’s Good Gift,
It passes through us.

Day by day,
Minute by sacred minute,
We breathe it,
We carry it,
We shoulder it.
We smuggle it.

God, breathing life into the world,
breathes through us.
So with joy
let’s smuggle grace this very instant —
into ourselves,
into each other,
into this God-breathed world. . .

Renee Roederer

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