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Text: “Black Lives Matter” in black letters; yellow background

In my Christian faith, the word confession is used in two ways:

1) It’s an occasion to name truthfully how we have hurt our neighbors and fallen short of God’s calling for the life of the world,


2) it’s an occasion to proclaim what we believe.

White Christians, and I am among them, need to confess in both directions.

1) We are complicit in the systemic violence that harms our Black siblings and siblings of color.


2) Unequivocally, Black Lives Matter.

This is a proclamation we must affirm with our words, intentions, relationships, and actions. It shifts us; it calls us to take risks in love.

— Renee Roederer

Here is a list of anti-racist actions we can take:
Actions Toward Justice for Black Lives

And I want to share some articles that have challenged me. Sitting with these,

Now is the Time to Defund the Police by Melissa Gira Grant

Of Course There are Protests. The State is Failing Black People by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

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