May be an image of nature
A gray-blue caterpillar with orange stripes, walking on a stem. Photo: Renee Roederer

While taking a walk, I found a cute, little caterpillar and snapped a photo. I shared the photo on Facebook and Instagram.

Later, I found myself thinking, “This caterpillar knows nothing about humans, let alone that this one used a device called an iPhone to take a thing called a photo that could be shared on a thing called social media that involves a thing called websites.”

There’s a complex, larger reality that this caterpillar knows nothing about. Is it any wonder that we could be a part of realities much larger than we can comprehend too?

Then later, I thought, “How much does a caterpillar know about its own lifespan? When it begins spinning a cocoon, does it know what’s ahead? Can it know that it will dissolve into goo and then emerge transformed with wings?”

There’s a complex, seemingly miraculous reality this caterpillar likely cannot anticipate fully even in its own lifespan. Is it any wonder that more transformation might be ahead for ourselves too?

Renee Roederer

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