This Bread Is…

Image Description: Hands holding communion bread and a light-colored chalice of wine. Public domain image.

After more than a year and a half, I stood at a table in the physical presence of church community, and I broke bread, poured a cup of wine, and prayed beautiful words about love. We then shared this bread and this cup together in the presence of one another.

I was so grateful for this experience yesterday. It was, no doubt, long awaited. I was also reminded that we’ve been connected throughout this entire pandemic. That felt true, and not merely an analogy of some kind. In fact, I met every single member of this church community over Zoom. I’ve been leading worship with them since October, but yesterday was the first time I’d met any of them in person. Yet when they arrived, I greeted them by name as people I’ve come to know.

This is all true, yet it was so special to say, “This bread is the Body of Christ, given for you,” and “This is the cup of salvation for you,” knowing that most of them were right there in front of me.

And others were still connected on Zoom. We plan to keep this form of connection going too.

This bread is for you. This cup is for you.

That’s been true the whole time, and it felt very special yesterday.

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “This Bread Is…

  1. My ordination is the last Saturday of this month and I so hope we can “come to the table” but we’ll probably have to use the “jiffy cups” and stay in our pews. How I miss the intimacy of Holy Communing. Dianne



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