Living Timescales

Image description: A circular clock with roman numerals; it’s surrounded by ripples as if it was dropped in water.

I’m pondering timescales and the ways that change is connected to time. If we want to participate in the creation of lasting change, we might…

. . . work for seven generations beyond ourselves, as the Haudenosaunee nations have taught us.

. . . feel through one day, for as Jesus says,”Do not worry about tomorrow. . . Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

. . . live fully in the present, as this time has been given to us for significant impact and enjoyment.

. . . expect that today’s work ripples meaningfully into the future, perhaps in valuable directions we cannot even anticipate.

. . . recognize that our liberation is bound up in the liberation of others, and our lives are intimately connected to the devastation and deliverance of the past and future.

. . . trust that collective intentions toward justice are truly moving in the direction of justice, even if we cannot see this at its completion, and that future expressions of justice call forward our work for today.

– Renee Roederer

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