Every Morning, I Ruin a Spider’s Dreams

Right now, I have some kind of spider outside — I think it’s an adolescent if you will; a not fully grown Orb Weaver — who builds an elaborate web every single night right on my front porch very close to my mailbox and front door. Every single night.

I think… this could be a serious phobia for my mail carrier, right? Plus, I’d like anyone to be able to approach my front door without fear.

So every single morning, I take a broom and knock down this web. The spider then goes upward and spends the day in the gutter of my house, hiding behind a leaf that has also landed there. Then this process repeats.

I know this spider needs to eat. I do not disparage this natural desire. I’m also amazed by his ability to spin this web. (Oh, by the way, his name is Herbie). Last night, I turned on the porch light to watch it happen. I was a little creeped out by all those moving legs, but I was also impressed.

I just want him to learn not to do it… right there. It’s the worst kind of location for me. (Well, except for inside).

Anyway, I want you to know this too:

Two times when I’ve knocked down this web, some flies flew away!
I’m annoying one but saving some.

Renee Roederer

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