Beyond Our Control

Like Skipping Stones Across the Water… | Stone, Childhood memories, Lake  life
Image Description: A child skips a rock across water. Public domain image.

When so much in our world is outside of our control, we might find ourselves saying, “Well, I guess this is all I can do…”

We might not feel a full range of choices. In fact, we might feel remarkably far removed from choices. Instead, we may think of one thing or a couple tiny things, and resign ourselves with, “Well, I guess this is all I can do…”

We can easily get into this mindspace when so much is beyond our control.

But during beyond-our-control-situations, maybe that one thing we can do is what we can really do. We can let it be enough. We can allow it to make space for other possibilities. We can bring it to other people and connect it (and ourselves) to trusted loved ones and new relationships.

Sometimes, “all I guess I can do” is what we can really do.
That’s okay, and even good.

Renee Roederer

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