“Isolation Be Damned”

Earlier this week, while scrolling through Instagram, I saw a post by @_the_open_space, that I found to be real, raw, beautiful, and inviting all at once. May connection be fullness for us, even if it’s just one, initial, small, honest step in a direction. That step and that direction could open up a larger process toward healing.

Here’s the post:


The text reads:

I will consider isolating when I feel overwhelmed by my inner & outer worlds.

I will sense myself folding inward & swallowing my feelings into some wide, open void of emptiness.

It will hurt on more levels that I can even comprehend or express.

I will yearn for the familiarity of numbness to ease both the original overwhelm & the sorrow of resolving my pain in this way.

I will consider writing this all down & sharing it with you.

And when I do, isolation be damned.

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