Don’t Underestimate the Simple Joys

mage Description: A round, chiffon lemon cake with white icing is on top of a white plate.

I drove to my friend’s place. On the way there, I found myself looking forward to seeing her.


I took a moment to recognize how sad and heavy I felt… just about the general state of things in our nation and in our world. I was really feeling it for the few hours that preceded that drive to her apartment.

When I arrived, I was glad to see her. She also cares deeply about the larger questions swirling about us these days. During our time together, I watched and listened as she delighted in the enjoyment of simple things: the coffee shop she drank today, the dress I was wearing a few days ago, her cat, and more.

Another person stopped by to drop off a treat. “I brought lemon cake!” she said as she came through the door.

“Oh my gawd!!!”

My friend exclaimed with such genuine delight. It filled me in a way I needed.

It makes complete sense to grieve and feel heavy about collective pain, confusion, and hardship. We’ll keep feeling these, at times, in waves. Some people are in very close proximity to these, and I know that feelings don’t always just switch on and off.

And in the midst of this, challenging as it is, right alongside it, I like to uplift the gift of simple joys too. There are so many tiny, wonderful experiences of daily living. My friend brought that home to me today.

So after saying goodbye to her and walking out her door, I packed up my car with chairs and immediately went to get my own coffee.

And every part of this shifted my day.

Renee Roederer

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