Beautifully Beloved, Peopled Body

Tweet from @rachelismuhname. Text in the body of the blog.

In a couple different ways, I was really moved by this tweet from @rachelismuhname. She says,

When I struggle with body size,
I remember body size is mostly genetic.

When I hate my body,
I am hating my mom’s body,
My grandmother’s body,
My great grandmothers body.

Two of the three are no longer with us, and I would give anything to hug them again.

Bodies are blessed.

The body we have deserves our love.

The same could be said for
internalized ableism,
internalized misogyny,
internalized racism,
internalized xenophobia.

The body we have deserves our love.

We have a beautifully beloved, peopled body.

Renee Roederer

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