Two Recommendations

Today, I want to recommend two YouTube channels that are valuable tools to learn more about ourselves, our patterns, and our personal needs. They are helpful invitations to grow in our self knowledge and understand more about all kinds of relationships.

The Personal Development School Thais Gibson

On this channel, Thais Gibson talks about personal growth and development and delves deep into attachment styles. How do these impact our relationships in our families, at work, in romantic partnerships, in parenting, and in friendships? You can also take a free quiz about attachment styles.

Crappy Childhood Fairy Anna Runkle

Okay, provocative title. But whether or not you’ve experienced serious trauma in your childhood years, we all have childhood wounds that impact our patterns in adulthood. And I think this channel is a valuable tool in learning how trauma lives in our bodies and is expressed in patterns throughout all kinds of relationships. And we’ve certainly lived a collective trauma over the last few years in this pandemic. It’s good to become trauma-informed and learn how we and others are impacted.

I hope these recommendations help. What channels would you recommend?

Renee Roederer

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