Good Care for These

May be an image of text that says 'Wake Up Calls for your enneagram type 1- Constantjaw pain 2- Resentment Loss of motivation Dreaming of another life knowing who to tell you're having a hard time Consistently complaining 7-Not enjoying the present moment because you're planning the next thing -Hospitalization -An outburst of anger @sarajanecase of Enneagram and Coffee'
Image Description: “Wake Up Calls for your enneagram type” by @sarahjanecase of Enneagram and Coffee. Text in body of post.

I’m a big fan of the Enneagram. I’ve found it to be a helpful tool to gain greater understanding of myself, relationships, and whole teams of people. I especially like that it’s dynamic. It doesn’t just tell you, “You are like this,” or “this person is like this” — period. It’s a tool for growth, and we can use it to gain greater alignment with ourselves, our strengths, and our values. It’s also a tool that teaches us about our stress points.

Sarah Jane Case of the podcast “Enneagram and Coffee” created this list on Instagram this week (image above, text below). Whether we know our enneagram type or not, we might want to watch out for any of these signs in ourselves. These are indicators that we’ve reached our stress limit or are in a difficult place with our mental, emotional, and relational health. By type,

1 — Constant jaw pain

2 — Resentment

3 — Loss of motivation

4 — Dreaming of another life

5 — Not knowing who to tell you’re having a hard time

6 — Constantly complaining

7 — Not enjoying the present moment because you’re planning the next thing

8 — Hospitalization

9 — An outburst of anger

Good, good care for these. It’s okay to get here, though this of course, feels unpleasant. We’re all under immense, collective stressors, plus anything we are facing personally. We’re not alone in the stress, which also means we’re not alone — and now I’ll say, period. 🙂

Good, good, good, good care for these.

Renee Roederer

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