“Remember when we could barely see anyone?”

That’s what I said while I had dinner with loved ones last night. We are still in a time of taking some precautions when it comes to Covid — and we should — but much more is possible.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it’s like to have a home away from home. And when we think about it, we probably have some homes away from home — places where we feel at ease, familiar, at rest, and cared for in other people’s houses. This week, I’m in one of those places, and it feels great to be here.

I also want my house to provide this kind of experience for others. I want my place to be a home away from home, where people feel at ease, familiar, at rest, and cared for.

Last week, after more than a month of work, contractors finished a renovation to part of my house. I’m so eager to use that space, and I hope that people feel the way I did it that dinner. ❤️

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