“To Receive From Their Strength”

Image Description: A black and white photo of two people hugging each other.

I was in a community conversation on Zoom, and one of my mentors voiced a phrase that stood out to me. He was talking about how frequently people offer their help, and our response is, “I’m good. I’ve got it.”

“We may be missing out on cheerleaders who could help make us,” he said. Then he added, “We all have times when we need to lean on others and receive from their strength.”

Receive from their strength… isn’t that part of the fear we have? That we’ll utilize people’s strength toward us? Or we might zap their strength? Even just a bit? We feel so guilty, or at least, so vulnerable for receiving this, or even worse — shudder — needing it.

But the truth is, we do need it. We all actually need it.

So if we need people’s strength, and people need our strength, why don’t we live more interdependently? It’s what we actually need.

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