“Are You Receiving This?”

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the need to receive.

In the era in which we’re living, it’s easy to either 1) overextend ourselves or 2) become too isolated. It’s important to receive from our relationships, nature, intentional rhythms, delightful surprises, and all the various gifts are around us. I’m writing about this because I need to remind myself about this.

Yesterday, I was with a loved one who knows I’ve been thinking intentionally about this, and she said, “Are you receiving this?”

There it was — a simple question to check-in and remind me to do that, and that was such a gift from her. So from time to time, I might ask myself that question now. If you’re like me, of if you find yourself in one of those categories — overextended or isolated — maybe you can ask yourself that question too.

“Are you receiving this?”

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on ““Are You Receiving This?”

  1. Renee, you do more with your gifts than anyone I know. As you know, as an introvert in a retirement home, I appreciate what you do. Nor do I want to put pressure on you to continue. That is between yourself and God. You have so many gifts that I know that God must have touched you. There is no other explanation.


    1. Doug, that is so kind of you! ❤ And I plan to continue what I'm doing. And if I may, I'd like to send some affirmation your way too: You have such a sharp mind and such a deep curiosity. And it is as impactful as it is because it is guided by such a loving heart that wants to see change and possibility in the world. Sending so much love to you!


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