It’s Out! — “Under the Lights”

💜 Yesterday was Purple Day 💜

Purple Day is an international day to focus on epilepsy awareness and public education. As part of that day, Director Miles Levin premiered “Under the Lights,” a 12 minute long, award-winning short film. I had the chance to watch it a bit early last Fall, and I was touched that Miles Levin asked me to help promote this important project as it addresses stigma and builds empathy.

Sam, a teenager with epilepsy, is desperate to be just like any other kid, and he decides to go to prom, knowing that the lights will likely make him have a seizure.

Director Miles Levin is also a person with epilepsy, and he hopes to make this into a full-length feature film. A good showing of views this weekend can make this happen! Would you have a watch? And if you feel so moved, feel free to share with someone who would benefit from watching.

Without further ado, here’s Under the Lights!

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