In Their Element

One of my chosen family members came to town and stayed the night with me. We spent the late afternoon and evening bopping around to various places on the bus, and we walked 20,000+ steps for the day. (By the way, this post is about this person being in their element, but this kind of day is so very much in my element.)

When we got off the bus to go home for the last time, I said, “Since we’re close, would you mind if we walked over to Panera for me to get a coffee for the morning?”

“Sure. Can I go to the Barnes and Noble next door?” she asked with sudden excitement.

“Of course, but this will also be the quickest coffee-getting ever.”

“Okay!” And then she ran! She booked a three minute run to the Barnes and Noble, and she ran with such joyful abandon toward those books. It was hilarious watching her grow smaller as she got further away on that very purposeful run. And I thought, “This is the her-est thing ever.” She loves learning everything. She’s got to sprint toward books.

After that, I walked the rest of the way slowly on purpose. And I took a longer time getting that coffee on purpose. And when I walked inside Barnes and Noble, I said, “Let’s stay here a while.”

She was in her element for sure.

Renee Roederer

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