Podcast Recommendations

I had a chance to listen to both of these podcast episodes over the weekend, and I thought I’d recommend them to you as well.

Well Someone Had to Do SOMETHING! — In this episode of This American Life, people find a gap in needs and realize they are the person to address those needs. There are some creative stories here, some funny ones, and some powerful ones coming out of the needs in Ukraine.

Making Sense: Sight Unseen — This episode is connected to a series on Vox’s Unexplainable about the senses. What is lost and what is gained when people don’t have the ability to visualize in their imaginations — a condition known as aphantasia? This episode also shares that people with vivid, visual imagination skills are also more prone to anxiety. Whether people cannot visualize at all, or are especially skilled in this, there are ways to compensate for gifts and challenges.

Renee Roederer

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