Living the Larger Narrative

Image Description: Daffodils have emerged after a long winter.

Easter is a season — 50 days of new life.

Some of my readers likely celebrate Easter, while others do not. In any particular way resonates with you, may a season of new life find you. And here’s the theme that is sitting with me at the moment:

I want to live a larger narrative. I have some very specific things on my mind when I say that. These are large visions that resonate with my life and send me into particular callings in community.

I hope that you can also live into a larger narrative that marks your life, however it may take form.

This is what I mean:
What is the larger narrative for you? —
a vision more expansive
than your fears,
than your pain,
than your abandonment,
than your guilt,
than your anger,
than your regret,
than your addictions,
than your cynicism,
than your anxiety,
than your unease?

These feelings and experiences are valid and can be felt and processed, rather than pushed to the side.

But what larger narrative and vision energizes you and lights you up with sacred possibility?

Could we perhaps spend 50 days cultivating that? Dreaming that? Practicing that? Acting on that?

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “Living the Larger Narrative

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Earlier this year I was focused on my fears. Turning 70, aging, shoulder surgery, solo travel, all brought me worry and fear. Luckily I was counseled by someone to reframe that. So instead of trying to be less fearful I reframed it to having courage to be more adventurous, adding my desire for a strong finish in this sacred closing chapter of life. I am healthy, minus arthritic joints, but it’s still a closing chapter and I want to live it abundantly.


    1. Live this chapter abundantly — Love that. We get to moments when our feelings of fear (or any other feelings) are valid. But we can have a larger narrative that comforts those feelings and sends us in the directions we hope for. Glad you’re doing it!


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