Image Description: A car mirror with a reflection of trees, a blue sky, and white clouds.

Have you ever been with a child or adolescent who wants to be seen and observed?

“Watch this!” or “Watch me!” a young one might say as they play.

Or a teenager might just share all the things they’ve been up to lately — all the things they’ve been excited to try. The musical instrument they’re practicing, the new part-time job they’ve gotten, the team they’re on, or the play rehearsals they’re in at the moment.

When these moments happen, young people are connecting relationally with us. And we are also serving as mirrors for them to connect with their growing selves.

Though the formats or expressions may change, I don’t think adults grow out of this. We all need to connect relationally with others. We all need people to serve as mirrors so we can connect with our growing selves.

We all need to be beheld.

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “Beheld

  1. Wasn’t sure that replying to “smuggling grace” would work, so copied you on it as well …

    This is so lovely — your mind amazes me, that you can have a thought to share every day — full of inspiration and exhalation 😊

    Glad you are in the world and in my world ..


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