I am writing my blog post much later than is typical for me.
I feel pummeled by the news.

I am concerned, not only about the outcomes, but also the line of argumentation.
I feel pummeled by the news.

It seems like preparation (or at least the potential for it) to roll back a large number of rights, and when added together, that could both impact the majority of our population, and each person and community in very particular ways.

I do feel pummeled by the news.

This doesn’t mean all of this will happen. It doesn’t mean that we won’t push back hard. It doesn’t mean we won’t care for each other and keep building a better vision that honors the particularity and diversity of people with a variety of needs.

But this news — the potential outcome and the argumentation — brought my body to fast-track nervous system dysregulation. A trauma response of freeze. And migraines. And exhaustion.

And I realize, if one of the best ways we can care for each other right now, is being safe for each other, one of the best things we can do is try to care for our bodies so that they feel as safe as they can.

I’m doing some work today, but I’m also taking it easy.

And whenever and however you feel pummeled, I hope you will too.

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “Pummeled

  1. sometimes it helps if there is something practical one can do.

    Nothing will be changed unless we chip away the polarization we all find ourselves caught within.

    One concrete thing we can do is to pledge to have lunch with someone we do not agree with. Part of what might happen is the other person may feel less ignored which may open them up a bit. So much more effective than becoming glued to our favorite blog reinforcing our own prejudices.


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