Bop Friends

One of my friends has a term that I have started using too. She says we all need, “Bop Friends.” You know, the kind you can bop around with — people who can send you a text and say, “What are you doing right now? Do you want to ______?”

I think Bop Friends are a special kind of gift.

Well, last night, one of my friends basically created a Bop Party. His spouse, another beloved friend, finished her last ever law school exam, so in her honor, he called a bunch of people together and arranged a party. We all ended up at a local restaurant, and it was hilarious and fun. None of us started our day knowing that this was going to happen, and I loved that. It’s going to lead to more bopping too. Some of us live in the same part of town, and we are now planning potlucks for the summer. We created a group chat so we can go bop walking.

We just magnified all the bop possibilities at the bop party.

Oh, and I got to eat a donut sundae. With bop friends.

Image Description: A gorgeous, crispy donut in peanut sauce with ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry. I am posing with it and smiling big, wearing a blue dress and blue jacket.

Renee Roederer

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