Welcome Home, Little Bunny

Image Description: A baby, cottontail rabbit in my grassy yard, near some hostas. There’s a section toward the bottom that looks blurry, but that’s actually an accumulation of cottonwood.

I have a long standing tradition of having a baby cottontail rabbit born in my yard each summer. Last night, this year’s baby made herself visible for the first time. She’s the 8th generation bunny.

Factually, I know they’re not all female, and they’re probably not a straight linage, but I think some of them might be, because each year, an adult bunny returns and has her baby. I always name the baby, and her name includes part of the name from last year’s bunny.

So we’ve had…

and now… Edith!

Welcome home, baby Edith. Enjoy munching on the grass in the yard. I’m sorry that there’s so much cottonwood blowing around out there. You’re a big a delight.

Renee Roederer

One thought on “Welcome Home, Little Bunny

  1. Welcome Edith! So glad you have this joy each year, Renee’ — and the names are wonderful!


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