People Really Loved that Donut Story

Image Description: A box of multicolored donuts. One of them cooks like cookie monster. šŸ™‚ Public domain image.

Last week, I shared a story on this blog, entitled “Neighborly Donuts.” In that post, I shared about how I met a neighbor who offered me a donut at the bus stop. It felt like a sweet (in both ways) moment of surprise that was kind and connectional. It brightened my day.

Yesterday, I shared that story on Facebook, and quickly, so many people started to like it. By the end of the day, there were more than 100 likes and lots of comments. Multiple people also referenced the story in conversation with me off of social media.

And I realized, people really need to feel like simple but surprising moments of kindness can happen, and that they in fact, do happen, and that they in fact, can impact things.

They can.
They do.

And I suppose it’s a reminder that we need to receive these moments, hear about these moments, and cultivate them on purpose.

We can.
We do.

Renee Roederer

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