“It’s Not Stealing My Joy”

Image Description: Scrabble blocks spell the word ‘Joy.’ Public domain image.

A mentor of mine often says this:
“It’s not stealing my joy!”

Whatever the it may be, it certainly could steal joy.

He’s been through many difficult hardships over the span of his life — personally, interpersonally, and socially across the decades. He doesn’t sugar coat any of them. He’d also tell you that he’s had many great gifts and blessings alongside them all.

But this statement of his — “It’s not stealing my joy!” — is about daily delights. It seems he doesn’t want to give an inch of his joy to anything or anyone who would harm or oppress.

I know that for many people, this is much easier said than felt, especially when we’re in the thick of it. All of the other feelings are valid, of course, and he feels those too. And there are days, and maybe even months or years, where we can’t easily flick the switch and turn on joy.

But I so appreciate this perspective and this posture toward living.

“It’s not stealing my joy!”

Renee Roederer

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