Cricky Made It!

A cricket on a blade of grass. Public domain image.

It’s really strange that my blog post yesterday was about crickets and FOMO. Because… just a couple of hours later, I was driving to go get scheduled maintenance on my car, and when I was on the interstate, I looked over at my side mirror, and a cricket had caught a ride! He was now hanging on for dear life.

This drive then became an intentional effort to get Cricky all the way there without dangerously being lost to oblivion. And I’m pleased to say that both of us made it in one piece.

In fact, this turned into something pretty adorable. When I arrived, I told the crew that this cricket made it all the way from my house, and they celebrated him! They also shared they would take good care of him. I made a video of Cricky on my car as he ran toward their direction. It was cute as heck.

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “Cricky Made It!

  1. This was SO cute and made me laugh, and your tenderness for him was so dear and poignant too.  I totally didn’t connect that you had just written cricket and FOMO.  Now you have a whole series!  Mar 


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