Little Laughs

Two feet wearing denim shoes with white soles, walking away on a gravel road. Public domain image.

On last night’s walk, I was traveling alongside the left side of the road, and someone was walking that same side of the road but traveling in the opposite direction. The road bent just a little bit, and when I turned the corner, she did at the same time, and now we were wandering aimlessly toward each other. It was one of those, “Do you want to dance?” moments.

We caught sight each other well before we would have collided, or for that matter, danced. But this situation just cracked this woman up. She thought it was so funny. And her disproportionate laugh the moment made me start laughing too.

This wasn’t a major moment of my day or even the funniest thing that happened yesterday. It was a little laughing moment that snapped me out of being in a foggy funk. And I thought, we really need these silly surprises, don’t we?

I’ll take it.

Renee Roederer

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