Art by @daytohaveaday on Instagram — a black and white drawing of a person looking at a flower under a smiling sun, and the text says, “I am a Wowist. I just go around in amazement and say ‘Wow’ at things.

This weekend, I’ve had the pleasure of being a tour guide. My Mom is in town. Typically, I go visit her, but this weekend, she has visited me. It has given me the chance to show off landmarks, neighborhoods, restaurants, and of course, nature. She couldn’t have picked a better time to come. We are in the peak color week for autumn leaves, and we’ve received a warm front that has led to temperatures in the 70s. Perfection.

The day before she came, a friend sent me this image (above) from @daytohaveaday. “I’m a Wowist!” My friend saw this and thought, “That’s Renee,” which is very sweet.

While walking around outside, I’ve watched my Mom be the same. She, too, is a Wowist. My Mom is a noticer, and occasionally, this has led to me discovering details I didn’t notice were there. I’m often a person to be taken in my a flower, perhaps one that others are passing by, but my Mom noticed things on buildings I’ve walked right by many times.

I noticed that that my Wowist tendencies are in part, a through line from her. And that was a lovely thing to notice.

Renee Roederer

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