Team Wordle

A wordle grid. The first line has two yellow squares; the second has three green squares; the third has five green squares.

I’m an avid Wordle player. In fact, it is always the first thing I do upon waking each day. There are several people in my life with whom I exchange scores each day, but one group text has become especially fun.

Some members of Michigan Nones and Dones, a community I facilitate, have a group text entirely for the purpose of sharing our Wordle grids. And recently, we’ve morphed into a team of sorts. One of our members adds up our scores each day collectively, and we try to have a good day as a unit. Or occasionally, we try to beat our collective score.

I’m not sure we’re going to do that last part though because last week, 5 people on this group chat got a collective 14. How are we ever going to pull that off again?

It’s satisfying to take a small, daily, autonomous game and make it a team sport.

Well done, us!

-Renee Roederer

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