Tumbling Homeward

Image Description: A brown welcome mat with black writing. It reads, “Home,” and the ‘o’ is a red heart. It’s placed before a salmon colored door and is placed on top of a gray porch. Source: Kelly Lacy, Pexels, Public Domain

I was recently listening to a Mumford & Sons’ song when one of their lyrics really caught my attention:

“… before I tumble homeward, homeward.”

I thought that was intriguing phrasing. It made me reflect on the times when I suddenly found myself in a homeward direction, perhaps when I wasn’t even expecting it. There are also times when I found myself feeling a sense of home, even though its process and arrival of getting there was messy.

Thank goodness these moments can happen.

I have had moments of return — to place, to family, to communities, to memory, to states of mind — that were sudden. I have had estrangements suddenly end. I have had reconnections with community open wide after this was previously closed. I have had moments when I realized I could reconnect with the feeling of a loved one’s presence after they died.

I have also had moments of tumbling home to uncharted places. I have moved across the country three times to live in four different states. I have weathered a pandemic from inside my house. I have been accompanied by friends and loved ones through daily living. I have come to feel at home in my body.

“… before I tumble homeward, homeward.”

How about you?

Renee Roederer

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