Support for the White Helmets

Creator: Amelia Franklin | Credit: Netflix

Would you please join me and my community in lifting up my colleague and friend, Dr. Hussam Shaker?

This level of grief is so hard to fathom:

Dr. Hussam is an epileptologist and the chair of neurology at Mercy Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And he lost 20 family members in the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria… Such deep and all-encompassing grief… And after the earthquakes two weeks ago, another 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the very same region yesterday. Many people have lost whole families, and of course, their homes and resources.

This news story shares about Dr. Shaker, and these losses, and it encourages us to give to relief efforts. Would you consider giving a donation to the White Helmets who are doing this work?

To give:

Thank you. So much pain in our world, and so much need for care.

Renee Roederer

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