To Bloom Again

Sheet Music — Mahler’s 2nd Symphony

My local choir is performing Gustav Mahler’s 2nd Symphony later this month, and I’m really looking forward to this concert. This Symphony is often called “The Resurrection Symphony.” The music and the text of the choral movement are so powerful.

Our choir director typically writes in translations for us over the text we’re singing, so we can know its meaning. I love how he translates it in the word order of the sung language rather than phrasing it for English. Because of this, sometimes, the literal phrases grab my attention.

As I was singing in our rehearsal, I had one of those moments with this phrase:

To bloom again were you sown
To bloom again were you sown

Perhaps that’s a phrase we might need to hear. And so I’ll cast it out today, letting it mean whatever it needs to mean for each of you.

To bloom again were you sown
To bloom again were you sown

Renee Roederer

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