Fair Warning: My Blog is About to Get Overly Specific (and Dorky)

preslandiaHello, dear friends. I am pleased to say that my Presbyterian tradition and my absolute love for all things Portlandia are intersecting this week.  I am in Portland for the next seven days to attend the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

General Assembly happens every two years and is an occasion when thousands of Presbyterians come to a convention center and make major decisions together. The process is both passionate and parliamentarian. It feels like a family reunion and forges its own twitterverse of opinions, connections, and inside jokes.

I’m thrilled to be here. While here, I have several priorities: I will blog and tweet about events, write for an online journal, and hold conversations with leaders who are forming new worshiping communities in our denomination. I expect to learn a lot and connect deeply.

So, here’s a fair warning: For about a week, this blog will become very Presbyterian-specific. But Presbyterians care about our neighbors and justice in the world too, so this isn’t ultimately an insular experience.

Yet in all honesty, at times, this is about to get very Presbydorky. Just letting you know.

As a case in point, I would like to offer today an excellent video that was crafted by the Revs. John and Krystal Leedy.


Renee Roederer

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