To the Ones Who Hold the Space


[Public Domain Image]

Last week, I recorded a voice text and sent it. “I had a really good week,” it started. I shared the details in a litany of gratitude:
This happened, AND!
This happened, AND!
This happened, AND!

As soon as I sent it, another level of gratitude emerged: I knew this person would rejoice in every part of that list. I could trust and anticipate that connection. Whatever the content — joy, pain, laughter, confusion, or struggle — I am grateful for people who hold the space.

I have called the very same person when my weeks haven’t been so great. In fact, I have a good number of trusted confidants who hear about my best and worst weeks alike.

They give presence.
They show love.
They are great gifts.
To every person who holds the space in our lives, today, I say thank you.

We all have opportunities to participate in this kind of connection. When we love people, we hold the space of their dreams, fears, quirks, frustrations, and hopes. In one sense, this happens quite naturally simply as we come to know each other. But even though it happens naturally, we shouldn’t forget how holy it is.

So I wonder,
. . . Who has held space for you lately?
. . . Or whose space can you easily anticipate, even if it’s been a long while since you’ve talked?

If people come to mind today, tell them, “Thank you.”

Renee Roederer

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