Fake, Felt Predators

On a particular day about two months ago, I returned home on a Sunday afternoon to find something strange taped outside our window. “What’s that?” I asked. I knew my husband was home so I spoke the question in his general direction. That’s when I saw him cutting felt at the kitchen table.

“They’re for the hummingbirds,” he said.

Earlier that morning, at quick speed, a hummingbird flew straight into our window. Ian saw it happen and was quite saddened, recognizing he had not thought about the windows when he placed a hummingbird feeder near our house. To remedy the danger, he was now cutting and crafting felt.

After that hummingbird hit our window, it fell to the ground, and Ian stepped outside to look after it. With some time, the bird began to move, but it was grounded and stunned for about an hour. Ian checked diligently on the little bird every five minutes, and eventually, he was thankful to see it take flight again.

Ian didn’t want a repeat occurrence so he began to ponder solutions. After searching the internet, he discovered he could cut materials into the shape of birds of prey. Other people have done this too and taped them to their windows. As a result, hummingbirds avoid the glass.


Ian placed several of these on our window.

Two months later, when I see them, they still make me smile. In part, this is because they look so goofy. But beyond the surface laughter, a deeper smile emerges within me too. They’re a visible reminder that every living being has real value. Hummingbirds are worth this much thought and care.

And every day, these goofy, taped birds remind me of Ian also. I love a person who lives by this worth, thought, and care. More than anyone I know, he demonstrates this kind of commitment, and he does so quietly without attention. He’s a dedicated vegan. He’s planted two clover patches for the wild bunnies that live in our backyard. And he has created fake, felt predators to protect the hummingbirds.

Ian gives me a greater sense of wonder about the world, and he consistently makes it feel like a gentler place.

And I want to follow his lead.
I recognize that we can all create gentleness, by
slowing down,
wondering more,
mirroring worth,
celebrating value,
finding solutions,
laughing generously,
showing affection, and
loving what is around us.

Renee Roederer

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