Three Life Words


Franchesca Ramsey is a writer, Youtuber, comedian, and podcast host. She is most well-known for her time as a writer and contributor on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and as the host of MTV’s Decodedwhere she cultivates conversations about race.

Among other characteristics, she’s smart, honest, and funny. Those are her three, chosen words.

I follow Franchesa Ramsey on Snapchat. Recently, she shared a story about a moment that changed her direction. She met with a coach who encouraged her to choose three words to define her work and way of being in the world. She was invited to say or ponder these words like a mantra before she engaged in work or meaningful tasks. She wanted these three words to come from her sense of who she was — from her aliveness, if you will. And she wanted those characteristics to weave their way through all that she was doing.

As she recounted this story, she encouraged us to choose our own three life words and do the same.

I’m curious. . . what three words would you choose?

Mine are hanging on the fridge now.

Renee Roederer

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