The Connections Run Deep

Cody Foster, my cousin and close friend, gave me the greatest gift last weekend. He is working toward the completion of his Ph.D. in history, and last week, he was in Southern California to do some research at the Nixon Library.

On Friday, he took the Gold Line to Pasadena and went exploring. Then, over several hours, he sent me photos of where he was in real time.

And every moment of this gave me complete joy. My husband Ian and I lived in Pasadena for three years. We loved the neighborhood where we lived and worked, and during that chapter, we met incredible people who continue to be a part of our lives.

Cody walked around and visited them. Then in photos, he allowed us to greet each other.

He walked down Del Mar Boulevard and saw its gorgeous jacaranda trees in bloom. These are my favorite trees in all of nature — truly, that very street, my very favorite. 

Then he walked to our old apartment and took a selfie.

Then he walked to Pasadena Presbyterian Church, where I used to be a pastor, went upstairs to the office, and said hello to them from me! I was so glad they were able to meet Cody.

Then he visited City Hall, which is incidentally, the City Hall from Parks and Recreation.

These connections were so meaningful. In all those moments and texts, family, and place, and people, and time, were meeting together.

We need connections like those. Thanks, Cody, for giving me such a kind gift. 

You’re good people. As are Hanna and Penny (such a funny doggy).

Renee Roederer

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