Bunny Update!

On Tuesday, I wrote a piece about the two cottontail rabbits who have lived with us over the last three years.

Well, I need to update that because there’s a new, third bunny! Lita had a baby, and her little one emerged out of the nest yesterday.

This baby is tiny and remarkably unafraid of us. Last night, we sat on our deck, and she (they’ve been shes so far, so I’m just going with that) kept hopping closer and closer to us. At one point, she jumped right next to Ian’s shoe. We kept talking to her, and she was totally cool with us.

So welcome Lou into the world, short for Litalou.

And remember this too: Though the world may feel heavy at times, there are joys, surprises, and new life that cause us to feel a great sense of wonder.

Keep seeking those out.

Much love and many bunnies,


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