Who Is In Your Spiritual DNA?


I love to ponder this question: Who is present in your spiritual DNA?

Have you ever asked yourself this? I invite us to reflect upon it.

A multitude of people have shaped our deepest sense of meaning, belonging, and discovery. If we ask this question — who is present in my spiritual DNA? — I imagine that names people will quickly come to mind. . . Folks with whom we’ve had proximity. . . People who have loved us into being and invited us toward the Great Love in whom we live, and move, and have our being. . .

As we call them to mind, we easily feel gratitude.

And that gratitude can grow even larger when we ask this question: Who shaped these people? Who loved them into being, taught them that they have worth and value, and sent them in the direction of spiritual discovery? Because those people are in our Spiritual DNA too. Their presence is alive in us, even if we never met them.

I can think of a few people right away who are present in my life, perhaps in ways I am not always fully aware, because they shaped people who shaped me. Some died long before I could ever have the occasion to know them, but I feel that they directly impacted my life. I have deep gratitude for them.

And of course, there are so many names we will never know. A great mystery.

They way these people lived their lives. . . reached us. That’s pretty miraculous. And they couldn’t have predicted it either. That’s also miraculous. When they embarked upon meaning, belonging, and discovery, they opened a whole world of meaning, belonging, and discovery.

And we get to carry it on.

Renee Roederer

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