Social Eclipse

We’re headed to Russellville, Kentucky this morning to view the eclipse of the sun in the path of totality. I’m really looking forward to seeing this monumental yet somewhat rare occurrence.

Over the last week, I’ve been pondering ancient understandings of solar eclipses. Throughout the world, in cultures unknown to each other, some themes developed. Many told stories of gods, animals, and forces eating the sun. Most believed it was a harbinger of calamity. Many believed it was a sign that power was shifting – namely, that the emperor  was losing power.

What will people ponder today when the sun is blotted in the sky? Will we tap into our ancestral fears? Will we add our hope to this moment?

I think it’s interesting that three times this morning, I have accidentally said “social eclipse” instead of solar eclipse. Clearly, some things are on my mind. 

When it happens around 1:26pm in Russellville, I want to channel my best intentions, that as society shifts – it doesn’t need an eclipse for it; we are already living monumental shifts now – it shifts toward the empowerment of voices long silenced and human dreams yet to be imagined.

The Social Eclipse of 2017. In the sky but from the ground.

Renee Roederer

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