The World is Waiting for the Sunrise. . .


Accompanying the joyful sounds of the piano, bass, and trumpet, we sang particular words over and over again last night. We even broke into spontaneous dancing.

The world is waiting, for the sunrise, for the sunrise. . .
The world is waiting, for the sunrise, for the sunrise. . .

Our hearts were full, and we felt very alive.

We were welcoming a new academic year, even as we shared a heartfelt goodbye. Last night in Ann Arbor at Canterbury House, we celebrated the ministry of our good, local colleague and friend, Reid Hamilton. He has been the Chaplain of Canterbury House for thirteen years. As I joked last night, that’s a whole teenager of time.

At the University of Michigan, Canterbury House has cultivated a sacred, nurturing space for decades, and Reid has brought himself fully to it. During that time, thousands of people have also entered the house and added themselves to the vision of this community.

Some have come for rest and worship.

Canterbury House is an Episcopalian ministry center with weekly worship, combining musical and liturgical elements of Taize and Jazz in a rare and beautiful art form. Over the years together, we have heard sacred texts, shared convicting words, and gathered around the grace of the Eucharist celebration.

Some have come for hospitality and meals.

Canterbury House provides weekly suppers for students and community members, creating a welcoming space where people can be themselves in the presence of one another. Over the years together, we have sat around many tables in this kind of friendship, welcome, and hospitality.

Some have come for celebration and music.

Canterbury House is a thriving concert venue. In partnership with local artists and the Jazz Department at the University of Michigan, musicians perform and inspire. Over the years together, we have been fortunate to experience the craft and vision of numerous young musicians.

Some have come for justice and local action.

Canterbury House provides a meeting space for a number of local groups who are engaged in community organizing and social action. Over the years, we have been been energized and challenged by the work of young activists and leaders.

It occurs to me that many people in this world are longing for spaces where they can be celebrated, challenged, and called into deeper meaning and relationship. Canterbury House is only one expression of this kind of vision, but perhaps we begin to change the world when we create spaces like these.


For the gift of thirteen years. . . Thank you, Reid Hamilton. Thank you for your service, love, vitality, compassion, and laughter.


For all the years that preceded those and for all who made them possible. . . again, thank you.


For all that will be. . . our gratitude abounds.

There is a simple, beautiful prayer by Dag Hammarskjöld that feels just right:
“For all that has been, Thanks. For all that will be, YES!”

The world is waiting, for the sunrise, for the sunrise. . .
The world is waiting, for the sunrise, for the sunrise. . .

Renee Roederer


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