Smize-ing (Smiling with Your Eyes)


There’s smiling with a grin.


There’s smiling with your eyes.

Last year, the Assistant Conductor of the choir I sing in often reminded us of this. She used the word ‘smize-ing’ and encouraged us to find the inner joy for it.

Do you know what I mean? Sometimes, there are smiles that are so genuine and joyful that the skin just beyond corners of our eyes makes little wrinkles to accompany our grin. That’s smize-ing — smiling with our eyes.

Has anyone or anything made you so joyful lately that you’ve found yourself smize-ing?

-Did something make you laugh hard?

-Did someone say something dear and meaningful?

-Did you have a deep experience of gratitude?


Have you noticed someone else’s smize-ing? Has someone looked at you lately, rejoicing in you with a big ol’ smize gazing back in your direction? I hope so. You’re worth all the smize-ing!

We need more of this in all our days.

: )

Renee Roederer

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